Living as a Senior in a New World

Today in the world, we are faced with such a great phenomenon knowing that we are in a society that is indeed aging. A good statistic shows that one out of around five Americans is older than 60 years, and in that same number only a few live beyond 60 years. Reflecting on my life since childhood, I realize that our standards of living have been changing over the years. 

I know for a fact that most of us do not know what healthy living entails but for one to be healthy it involves eating well and also being very proactive. What I have learned over the years is the fact that bodies change in different stages in life due to what we get from food that we eat. Right from infancy to old age, we all have different needs in life. 

I recall stories from my own mother of how I used to be when I was very little. From a tiny little thing, that could cry all the time, a little thing that could not walk nor talk. But one thing I learned from my childhood is how to adapt to different standards of living due to the fact that we moved to different places hence the adaptation.The food that they gave me during this time was very instrumental in the development of my body.

Moving into adulthood while living in Longwood, FL was abit hard especially living with the fact and being aware that the standards of living are high and expectations are also equally high. This enabled me to develop an ability to be able to act by myself. As I viewed things, life was becoming very much unbearable and with a family that I have to feed and the little money that I was getting it was becoming hard. There was a high prevalence of cancer and many lifestyle diseases. My wife and I decided at that point that it was the time we were going to change our lifestyle because people were losing lives due to these lifestyle diseases. 

As I grew older, I began to see that I had indeed made the right decision of changing my lifestyle. At old age, even what I was eating began to change, from eating more to eating less due to the process of digestion. What has really been helping me is the fact that I do a lot of exercises both in the morning and evening. I also have or eat a simple and well-balanced diet. I love spending my time outside each and every day so as to boost my immune system and also get the much-needed Vitamin D which is essential for the bones. I also limit the amount of salt during cooking and also avoid foods that are high in energy especially biscuits and soft drinks. I have also learned that foods that are rich in nutrients are very good for the old. This includes legumes, seeds, and nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Some individuals spend their late lives attempting to seek for any glimpse of happiness they can. I am blessed to be able to see every day as beautifully as I always have. That is no coincidence because I was able to settle myself into a care facility that gives me everything I need. Assisted Living in Longwood

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